We offer many different services making us the South Coasts Marine and Location Support Specialists.
We work up to 60 Nautical Miles offshore to coastlines, harbours, inland waterways, rivers, lakes and ponds.
As a company we take pride in Safety, Security and ensuring that we meet your requirements.
We also can offer full Quay Workshop services from our marine yard on the edge on Newhaven Quay.
This is our principal work & safety boat.
Sealift III can handle most workboat and safetyboat duties.

Details (PDF Link)
This is our principal inland work & safety boat. Inland Waters Certificated. 5.4 mtrs in length and 2.2 mtrs beam, the vessel is a fantastic small work and safety vessel.

Details (PDF Link)

Brig semi rigid inflatable safety boat.

Details (PDF Link)

The Katie boat is a small and very useful safety boat and one of a few which we own and operate.

Katie Boat Details (PDF Link)

The Pontoon has many uses and is 3 by 2 meters. All these vessels have an extremely shallow draft.

Pontoon Details (PDF Link)